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How security agency employees get free mobile phones for their relatives, friends

Security agency employees are officially supposed to keep the people under their watch, however they have devised a unique way of getting free mobile phones for their relatives and friends. The modus operandi used to get free mobile phones is
– find out the name of the citizen who has purchased an expensive mobile phone, usually a smart phone
– use directed energy radiation weapons on the mobile phone buyer, to cause a very severe headache, memory loss
– monitor the mobile phone buyer closely, especially when the mobile phone is kept for charging
– when the mobile phone owner is not in the room , the security agency employees will falsely claim that the mobile phone is posing a security threat to steal the expensive mobile phone for their relatives and girfriends
– the google, tata sponsored girlfriends and relatives of the indian government employees will then falsely claim to own the stolen mobile phone for identity theft

This method was used by indian security and intelligence agencies to steal the samsung galaxy grand mobile of a domain investor, google competitor kept for charging at regus, to steal her identity for 10 google, tata sponsored fraud indian intelligence employees