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Goan R&AW employees SEX workers obc bhandari sunaina, siddhi gets FREE samsung smartphones,Iphones for having SEX

Google, tata have now developed a new way by which lazy greedy mediocre young women willing to have free SEX with powerful men in India can get completely FREE expensive samsung smartphones, iphones without paying any money at all.
To destroy the life, reputation and finances of google competitor, google, tata are allegedly operating a very major SEX, identity theft racket, in india, especially panaji, goa supplying goan sex worker R&AW employees sunaina, siddhi mandrekar to powerful top NTRO, CBI, indian intelligence, security agency employees
After enjoying sex with the sex workers supplied by google, tata these top indian government, security agency employees falsely claim that these sex workers have the identity of the google competitor to get them R&AW jobs, a monthly indian government salary. the security agency employees have earlier stolen the samsung smartphone of the google competitor and hacked the Iphone of the google competitor, Now these cunning fraud security agency employees pretend to be very honest and return the stolen phones to the identity thieves sunaina, siddhi
In reality the google competitor whose expensive samsung smartphone has been stolen never received the stolen phone, causing great financial losses, while the google , tata sponsored goan R&AW employees sunaina, siddhi are getting free expensive smartphones for having SEX with powerful indian government employees and stealing the identity of a google competitor
So any young woman who wishes to get FREE expensive samsung smartphones, R&AW jobs with fake resume,fake work, fake investment should contact the google, tata employees who operate the SEX, identity theft racket, supplying sex workers to top indian intelligence and security agency employees, so that these companies can make more profit

Some government employees get free mobiles by stealing from offices

Indian citizens should be aware of the fact that powerful indian intelligence and security agency employees are getting free mobiles for their relatives and friends like siddhi, sunaina, nayanshree, deepika stealing the mobiles from offices. In an office there are limited charging points, so a person will keep the mobile for charging at a place which is some distance away from his cubicle or workplace.
Then often in the office, the person is not in his cubicle for a variety of reasons, like eating lunch, drinking coffee,tea, water, going to the bathroom, or attending a meeting in the conference room. The security agencies have access to aerial surveillance systems which allow them to monitor almost any office in the country and when the real owner of the mobile phone is not in the office, these security agencies steal the mobile phone. For example an expensive Samsung smartphone was stolen from an office in Thane in June 2013 from the domain investor.
To discourage the real owner of the samsung mobile phone from filing a police complaint, voice to skull technology was being misused to threaten dire consequences. This is a classic example of how mind reading is being misused by powerful government employees to get free mobiles for their relatives and friends, which are used for identity theft.

R&AW, NTRO, CBI get Google, tata sponsored goan obc bhandari R&AW employee SEX worker sunaina, a free Samsung phone for having SEX

Indian security agencies are notorious for sex exploitation of women worldwide, especially in kashmir causing a lot of violence. One of the most brazen cases of sexual exploitation of women is how &AW, NTRO, CBI get Google, tata sponsored goan obc bhandari R&AW employee SEX worker sunaina chodan 2013 bsc, who does not do any work or invest any money online a free Samsung phone for having SEX with the sex starved indian government employees
Though google, tata’s favorite goan SEX worker sunaina is half their age, powerful NTRO employees led by J srinivasan falsely claim sunaina,their 2013 bsc sex partner from goa was their btech 1993 ee clasmate to get the SEX worker a R&AW job with monthly salary
The shameless fraud NTRO employees led by j srinivasan do not have the courage and honesty to tell samsung and other companies that goan obc bhandari R&AW employee sunaina is only a google, tata SEX worker used to bribe top NTRO, CBI employees they falsely that tata’s sex worker has the resume, investment of their female btech 1993 ee classmate who they hate.
It is time that Samsung and other companies are aware of the fact that slim goan obc bhandari R&AW employee SEX worker sunaina chodan does no work online, and does not invest any money online , they are free to gift as the mistress, sex partner of the most powerful men in India

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Mobile phone of indian embassy staffer in pakistan seized

NTRO, CBI, security agencies and the indian government launched a very brutal identity theft attack on a harmless google competitor,india’s largest female domain investor and stupidly broadcast all the details of their atrocities to the whole world from 2010 till date to show the true colours of the indian state. Now the pakistani army is using exactly these methods perfected by indian intelligence and security agencies, CBI to harass indians including embassy staff in Pakistan, cause unrest in Kashmir .
After the killing of Lt. Ummar Fayez due to betrayal (someone may have leaked information) like the preferred CBI, R&AW, NTRO methods , it was reported in the mainstream media in India that the mobile phone of an indian embassy staff was seized by the high court in pakistan, when the embassy staff had gone to attend a case for an indian citizen uzma, for taking photographs
This is a preferred harassment method of CBI,NTRO, indian security agencies to harass vulnerable indian citizens, in fact CBI, R&AW employees have been monitoring all the photos taken on the camera, mobile phones of a google competitor since 2010, so that they can find an excuse to seize the mobile phone, camera. Making hysterical false allegations is the preferred method to defame,attack and exploit harmless domain investors in India and seize their expensive mobile phone.

Justice Karnan’s mobile phone tracking

After being sentenced to 6 months in jail by the supreme court, it appears that the dalit justice karnan has disappeared. It appears that he was aware of the fact that police and security agencies are using the mobile phone for tracking the location of anyone they wish to contact or trace. He could have kept the mobile phone switched off to avoid being traced.
However , it appears that he may have given his mobile phone to some one else to create a red herring. The media reported that the mobile phone was traced to andhra pradesh, however the local police in that area are claiming that he is not in the area. It exposes the limitation of using mobile phones for tracking a person.

Additional Coaching May Lower The Necessity Of Outsourcing Work

Quite a few businesses consider outsourcing work as a method to lower their expenses. Whilst this really is possible to do with outsourcing work, there are likewise many drawbacks to this approach. Among the largest is that the organization will lose some control over the level of quality of the materials along with the timeliness of obtaining the products. Rather than embracing outsourcing tasks, companies that manage scientific molding could wish to provide added education for their own staff.

Outsourcing might help a organization reduce costs on many occasions, however it may additionally induce further problems. When the injection molding process is actually outsourced, the business owner loses a lot of control over the quality of the products they will develop as the quality is going to depend upon the outsourced company they select. In addition, they will have no power over prospective problems that can postpone the product’s completion, such as difficulties with the company they choose finishing the product as well as delivery setbacks. The business owner can lose business because of these problems in case they are not able to offer premium quality products promptly to their own clients.

As an alternative to dealing with these types of concerns, a business proprietor might want to invest in injection molding training for their particular staff. The personnel may get the skills they require to complete the products within the work environment rather than having to deliver the work to an alternative company. This may be pricey at first as a result of the training and also equipment that’ll be needed, however the business owner could have far more control over the complete process. What this means is they are able to manage any possible problems quickly and also will not have to be worried about transport times from a different company to their own. This might help increase their particular organization since they can make sure all of the products they develop shall be good quality.

In case you’re thinking about outsourcing for your company, it might be a smart idea to rather invest in your employees by making the most of the injection molding seminars available. Take some time to be able to check out now to understand much more about the coaching that is offered and to determine precisely why it may be great for your organization. This can help you far more than outsourcing work will as well as might help you steer clear of the drawbacks of outsourcing work.

Discover Just How To Easily Move To A Brand New Search Appliance

A search appliance may be important for a business in order to index their entire web page, ensure it can be very easily searched, and also brand each of the search results to make it look like the client remains on their own website. Nevertheless, many businesses are looking at ways to depart from the google search appliance to a brand new platform that helps it be a lot easier to accomplish all of this as well as nonetheless have all the capabilities they will need.

A few of the choices for a search appliance consist of google mini or the GSA. Nonetheless, numerous individuals are not quite pleased with these and are beginning to consider some other possibilities they could have. One particular option allows them to very easily index the website, including brand new pages that are created, through planned as well as protected crawling options. It is also amazingly simple to download and to start using, therefore just about any business might benefit from it. The organization can utilize it for straightforward or sophisticated searches in order to make it simpler for possible buyers to locate nearly anything on the web page without getting redirected to an alternative web page for the search.

If a company really wants to transfer away from the google search appliance, they’re going to see that it is very easy to do by using this particular program. They are able to quickly download the program on virtually any personal computer or even use it on the cloud as well as begin adding their particular pages to the index. They’re going to discover it can be set up incredibly speedily and it has been created to mean a smooth move from the original search appliance to the new one thus they do not have to take down the search option on the web-site when they’re transitioning to the alternative.

Individuals that need to make the most of this will discover they are able to switch from their particular search appliance effortlessly by using the GSA migration process in order to change from a google mini or perhaps a full search appliance to the brand new one. They’re going to wish to keep to the five basic steps to be able to talk about just what they will have to have, work on the migration, manage it to satisfy their own requirements, and also verify the improvements. They will be able to work with a team of professionals to be able to make certain this is accomplished very easily and speedily so there isn’t any interruption for the buyers. They are able to also work with the specialists to be able to be sure the completely new search appliance contains each of the characteristics they enjoyed and each of the capabilities they’re looking for to ensure a unique search option and also to be able to make sure it’s going to be as effortless as is possible for them to use.

If you happen to be thinking about moving over to a whole new search appliance, take a look at SearchBlox right now. You can download a demonstration to look at or even speak to them to be able to discover a lot more about just what they could supply you and just how easy it is for you to be able to move to their search appliance now. Look today in order to understand a lot more about the advantages of making use of this search appliance for your company.

How security agencies, NTRO are getting free Samsung smartphones from offices

It appears that indian security agencies have perfected the art of stealing expensive samsung smartphones of domain investors falsely claiming that they are a security threat . These security agencies are closely monitoring all the financial records of the google competitor, domain investor and when they find that she has purchased an expensive samsung smartphone, they are using sophisticated and powerful directed energy weapons to cause microwave burns, memory loss, severe headaches ,
Due to the severe headache and memory loss, the Samsung phone owner is more likely to forget the mobile phone, especially if it kept for charging at a place which is some distance away from the desk, cubicle or workplace
Sometimes the microwave burns are so severe that the memory loss will continue for 36 hours. When the phone owner realizes that they have left the phone for charging, and goes to retrieve the phone, it is missing. The main office staff does not know what has happened, however allegedly ntro, security agencies have seized the phone falsely claiming national security, when actually they only want a free expensive smartphone, which they can use for identity theft

Now ntro, security agencies are falsely claiming tha the stolen samsung smartphone belongs to google, tata;s favorite SEX worker lazy greedy mediocre GOAN obc bhandari R&AW employee sunaina chodan though the goan SEX queen has not spent a single penny on the smartphone or domain name. Just because google, tata;s SEX worker sunaina offers FREE SEX to SEX maniac top indian government employees, they falsely claim that the goan SEX worker own the domain names, samsung smartphone of a google competitor though the shameless VVIP GOAN SEX WORKER r&aw employee sunaina has not paid any money to legally own domains or samsung smartphones